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DMCA Counter Submission

If you have received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) infringement notice regarding material(s) on your site and believe it was submitted in error, you may use the form on this page to submit a counter notice. This page describes our process regarding these DMCA counter notices, please read it carefully.

It is important to make note of Section 512(f) of the DMCA, which states that any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability. As such, if you are not sure that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification, it is recommend that you seek legal advice.

The following is a list of requirements for the submission of DMCA counter notices:

  1. Counter notice must be submitted by a site owner or an owner-authorized site administrator.
  2. Notice must contain your name, address, phone number, and an electronic signature.
  3. Notice must incorporate a statement under penalty of perjury that you believe in good faith that the content was removed by mistake or misidentification; and
  4. A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal District Court for your judicial district (or otherwise to any judicial district in which CTB Services operates if you are outside the U.S.,) and that you will accept the service of process from the person (or an agent of such person) who originally provided CTB Services with the infringement notice.

    This can be found in the subject line of your DMCA Notice.

    Provide identification of the material that has been removed or disabled.

    Provide location(s) of the material that was removed or disabled. (one URL per line)

    The field below acts as a digital signature and is legally binding.

    Fields marked with are required!